Where to Take Your Date

Picking the best place for your date depends very much on your existing relationship with the woman you are taking out as well as both of your personalities and hobbies. Here are some ideas for finding those golden locales to have a ball with your woman.


Movies are a time-tested, albeit slightly cliché, date spots. On the upside, they eliminate the akward pressure of filling silences over dinner with delightful and dynamic conversation by providing a couple hours with effortless entertainment, as well as  a readymade topic of conversation for you after the film. Consider it automatic common ground. However, if you are already comfortable with your date, a movie may actually eliminate time you would rather be talking with her and getting to know the woman. It all depends on what you are aiming to accomplish in the relationship at that moment.

Make it work —Find a happy medium by renting a movie at home and perhaps cooking dinner together. This way you can talk over the film, eat loudly, even make a move, and retain some freedom without disturbing rows of others behind you. For ideas on the best movies for a date, see here.


Perhaps another cliché date default, but picnics are an effective way of getting outdoors and spending time with both your date and your favorite food without spending money inside a dimly lit restaurant. At a picnic, no one is pushing you out to clear a table, rushing your order, mandating any kind of decision making, or flirting their way to a tip. Picnics are also a chance for you to showcase your favorite spots. For food ideas, click here.


If you’ve ever found yourself lingering apprehensively over movie listings or traipsing around indecisively for restaurants with a date, even arguing on a street corner, consider the simple yet culturally stimulating setting of a museum. Museums offer the possibility of exploring something unfamiliar to both you and your date, and exciting and accessible adventure. For more tips on pulling off a date at a museum, see here.


When in doubt, stay in your own habitat and cook up a feast. Making a meal with your date can be one of the best date experiences you could ask for. Cooking together lets you make creative decisions, experiment, challenge each other, and exercise a sense of humor when you make a mistake. For more ideas and advice on cooking for two in your own home, click here.

In the end, it matters much more how you treat the woman on the date than where you bring her, so go somewhere where you are sure to have fun, and show her the things you are into.
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