What Men Should Wear on the First Date Picking out an outfit for a date is a source of considerable angst for both men and women

It’s a common pitfall to steer one’s wardrobe toward the taste of the one he or she is going out with. More often than not, this leads to a disjointed and unnatural look, and more importantly, it leads to a get-up that the wearer is usually unconfortable in. A successful date, by popular standards, is a meeting that forges a meaningful connection and a mutual attraction with another. This kind of success is hard to come by if, for the duration of the date, a person is distracted by the fit of his own pants or the pain in his heel from new shoes. If you want to dress to kill and still feel like yourself, follow the steps below.

The Million Dollar Outfit

… does not have to cost a million dollars. Going shopping for a date works for some, and wearing new clothes can make you feel confident in a number of ways. But, at the same time, you risk the chance of finding out that your sweater is far warmer than you suspected it was on the rack, or wearing shoes that aren’t quite broken in yet, and ending up a sweaty, numb-toed mess. Your best option is to wear the outfit you already own that looks and makes you feel the best.
Flatter your Coloring: Wearing clothes that complement your coloring is an incredibly easy way to look attractive.   Choose colors that brighten your eyes or flatter your skin and hair. Learn how to do this here. Choosing the best color palette for yourself is a much easier and much more natural way to stand out than wearing designer jeans or over-doing your hair.

Dress proportionally: Choosing a great sweater or fantastic pants won’t do much for you if neither fits your shape quite right. A plain tee and jeans, both of which are cut properly for your shape, is your best bet to feeling confident and forefronting your personality over flashy clothes. Learn how to gauge and dress your own shape properly here.

Be Comfortable! Listen to your body— no matter how great something looks, if your body doesn’t want to wear it, don’t wear it. There is almost nothing worse than sitting across the table from a beautiful and interesting woman and being so distracted by the poor fit of your shoes that they keep you from paying attention to what she’s saying.

Dress Appropriately: Know your venue. If she’s taking you to a nice dinner spot, don’t wear something that makes you feel like an alien in a tuxedo; but if you’re underdressed, you may find yourself equally uncomfortable. For a guide to dressing correctly for popular date spots, see here.

Finally, when in doubt, just remember to dress in what makes you feel the absolute best. In the very end, no women will turn you down for the wrong jeans if your personality is a good fit. So, remember what matters most in the long run, and dress accordingly.