Top 10 Dating Don’ts for Men 1. Over-guess and Shoot for”Perfect”

To impress the woman you are taking out, it’s tempting to try to custom fit your date to what you project your woman’s preferences might be. The danger here is missing the mark and placing both of you in a situation that neither prefers. The ironic problem here is that if you are aiming to fix the perfect date, there is very little chance it won’t fall short.

Instead, just try for something simple that allows you to spend time with each other and get to know the other.

2. Be Bent on Impressing

Many men view dating as a kind of bracket competition: round one being your trial that you’ve got to conquer to make it to round two. In this view, a first date becomes a kind of competition, all about making it past the woman’s”is this man worthy”filter. In reality, this view is slightly skewed, and the date turns into being something you may not be just to impress her.   Instead, you should be focusing on both being yourself for her, and figuring out if she is right for you.

She may be beautiful, but does she stimulate you enough for make it to your round two? The best way to impress your date is to be yourself. If she’s not impressed by that, move on.

3. Succumb to Your Nerves

It’s incredibly easy to become nervous about your date. In fact, it’s more often than not the case for both the man and the woman, especially if you find yourself particularly excited or interested in the other person. Nerves come from all sorts of places—doubting your restaurant choice, anxiety over clothes and first impressions, and any kind of insecurities you are afraid will shine through. Learn how to calm your nerves before a date here.

4. Subject Her to an Interview

True, dates are about getting to know another person, but if you spend your entire date grilling the girl, she is less likely to feel at ease with you. Remember, it may not be the particulars of your separate lives that will matter to each other, but a more indefinable magnetism that is best explored by just spending time together.
That said, both of you do want to learn about each other, and the basic questions are both productive and unavoidable; so, grab some tips here on questioning your date effectively.

5. Be Inflexible

You may have your own ways or pace of doing things, but every woman is different. To gauge what your woman is looking for, it’s perfectly fine to just ask. If you typically move straight into full-on dating after one good date with a woman, perhaps the one you are out with at the moment prefers to feel things out more over a few weeks. Be available, and be flexible if you want to be with her. Engaging just your own modus operandi can be a turn-off.

Above all, just remember this date is not your”try-outs.”She’s not auditioning for you; you’re both interested in each other and experimenting with the fit. Don’t just brag and pick up her expensive tab; be polite, be your charming self, and everything else will fall into place.