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That does not work – error on the first date
Nobody is perfect, even with the data. Some things can be overlooked with a smile, while others are unforgivable. But there are some basic rules that help keep the date in positive memory.

The classic mistakes on the first date

The first mistake is already made if the location is wrong. If one chooses a rather taciturn and shy person just a restaurant for the first meeting, one must assume that the entire date of the entertainment lives.
Instead, you can rather watch a movie together in the cinema, go for a walk in the zoo and then stop off somewhere. Then at least one topic of conversation is secured. One should never choose the place according to one’s own preferences, but if possible remain neutral or deny one another. At the first appointment you should ensure privacy and not just meet where your own friends like to spend their free time.

Before the date, of course, dedicated to the body care. Mourning margins under the fingernails, an unkempt complexion and an unpleasant mouth or body odor immediately deter. When talking about topics such as illness or ex-partner should be excluded. Likewise, one does not talk about money.

It is really embarrassing, if one has not noticed the name of his appointment and therefore has to ask. Anyone who constantly picks up the phone during the meeting quickly becomes uninteresting. If you have not just ordered finger food for eating, use the cutlery and make sure you behave yourself well behaved.

Forgivable errors

Some mistakes happen out of the excitement. Although they are annoying, but can be worn with humor and are just human.

This includes the spilling of drinks, tripping on the door and also the accidental kick on the foot, if one apologizes for it. Before excitement, you can also ever swallow a drink.
It may be embarrassing, but it can happen to anyone. In the end these little mistakes loosen up the date in a certain way and not infrequently create sympathy.
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