Speed Dating – A Good Opportunity To Meet Men

5 Tips for Super Successful Speed Dating!

Speed dating can be fun, scary, and daunting — all at the same time! The concept of people coming together as a group for a mutual purpose makes perfect sense – so why not give it a try?

Speed dating is a great way to practice casual conversation and learn how to be comfortable meeting potential dates in a structured setting. Typically Speed Dating events are facilitated so you are guided step by step throughout the evening with instructions on how the event is going to work.

Events are often set up with common threads such as a specific religion or region or educational setting or background. It is important that you share similar values so be willing to give and look for complete honesty in those you speak to.

Be open to meeting as many different types of people as possible and notice the ones that you easily and effortless connect with. Pay attention to the characteristics of the people that you feel comfortable with fairly quickly. These events bring prospects to you at much larger numbers than you could on your own so do consider speed dating as an option for meeting new people and finding a lifetime of love.

Set Your Goals for the Speed Dating Event

Set a goal to qualify at least six prospects of people you would like to know more about — rather than reviewing them as someone you would like to date or marry. And if you’ve tried speed dating before and still question its validity or possibilities, give it another try. You are in a better place now that you have some practice under your belt. At the event:

  1. Meet as many people as possible
  2. Qualify at least six prospects
  3. Have fun
  4. Be open to learning about different types of people without judgment
  5. Practice conversational skills with ease

On a piece of paper for view by your eyes only, write down the names of the people you connected with. Include their names, the things you like about them and things they said so you can reference them as conversation starters should you choose to meet them again.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to meet a new group of people. Give people a fair shot. If you like someone, make sure they know it. You never know, the next person you meet may be the love of your life – or it may be his brother — or his best friend! Be open to receiving!

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