4 Tried And Tested Cute Pick Up Lines

Cute pick up lines are well cute, but only if done right. If you want your cute pick up lines to work, and not backfire on you, then you need to read the rest of this article. I know you feel tempted to just go for the list of lines below, but resist that temptation. If you use these lines wrong, they’ll just end up creeping girls out, not exactly a cute deal, huh?
You see, the very first thing you have to realize about lines is how little they matter.

When you approach a girl in the real world, she decides how to respond based on factors mostly other than the line used. Its based on how you approached, your attitude, your smile, the location you approached her, her mood… And especially if she did or didn’t show signs she wanted to be approached or not. The actual truth is that if all these actor factors are right, you can use any line, and still get a great response from a girl. In fact, just walking up and saying “Hi, how ya all doin” will work great.

The way to get it right, is to have your eyes open.

Girls have a time and place they want to be approached in. Trust me, you will know. You have this intuition to know when a girl is open to being approached. She will show it in how she acts, or if she keeps glancing over in your direction. This is when a girl is waiting to be approached, by you.

Like… an obvious example is a girl sitting next to you on the bench, or you both happen to be walking dogs in the same park, and keep running into each other. She looks at you and smiles each time she sees you. Or if she’s shy, she just finds ways to always be in your vicinity. These kinds of situations are where its a perfect excuse to use a cute pick up line, where it feels normal and right. Here are some example lines.

  1. 1.) You really are unique, I’ve never met anyone like you. Hi, I’m Bob.
  2. 2.) So… Is this normal for you? (she asks what) Well, getting approached by cute, handsome guys.
  3. 3.) I’ve noticed you many times, and always regret not introducing myself to the girl with the cute smile. So I thought I’d do it today. Hi, I’m Michael.
  4. 4.) Today is the day you become famous. (why?) Because I’ll tell all my Facebook friends about meeting the girl with the cute smile in the afternoon (or whatever time it is).

Now, these are just examples. Do not memorize the examples. I’m giving you examples of how it would look like. Mostly remember that they should be said in a cute, joking tonality, and also remember that they should feel natural to the situation. If the line feels weird and like you’re saying out of nowhere, don’t do it! It should really fit the situation and feel like it came out just in the right moment and time. It has to “feel” cute for you to say it, and have that “cute line” effect.

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