Talking Dirty 101: Get Him To Say Yes to Turn Him On

Talking Dirty 101 Lesson In Spicing Up Your Relationship By Getting Him To Say Yes

Is it possible to turn a man on with a question?

Of course it is.

Asking “yes” questions is one of the simple talking dirty ideas, that you can customize to work in your relationship.
Talking Dirty 101: The “yes”question

When you’re trying to turn him on, a “yes” question is anything
that you know he’ll say yes to. The last thing you want is for him to say no, since that would break the sensual spell you’re weaving.

The best way to keep him saying “yes” is to know what he enjoys sexually. Then start describing what you’re going to do to him in vivid detail and ask him if he’d like it.

  • “I’m going to… would you like me to do that>”
  • “Then I’ll… do you want me to do that?”
  • “Then we can… you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

You fill in the words that work for your relationship and in the situation and you’ll get him to answer yes every time. Offer to kiss, nibble, touch, massage, lick, suck… or whatever else you plan on doing. Say it while looking him straight in the eyes, or whisper it softly in his ear, whatever works for you. However, don’t be a tease, only offer what you’re ready to actually follow through on.

Now you can also use this to show him what you want while still getting him excited. Ask him if he’d like to do in a

  • “yes” question.
  • “Would you like to kiss me here?”
  • “Do you want to touch me here?”

And show him where you’d like to be kissed, and no it doesn’t have to be your lips.

The reason this works so well is because it can be used both before and during sex. It can be used on the phone and even in a text. If you’re shy you can even let him tell you what he wants to do and you can repeat it back to him in a “yes” question in your sexiest voice.

This back and forth exchange will not only give a passionate start to your evening, it can also increase the intimacy between the two of you and make it easier to talk to each other about sex.
Remember many couples don’t feel comfortable talking about what they want and need sexually, this is especially true for some women. However this communication is imperative in building a healthy sexual relationship with your partner.

So the next time you want to get your man excited remember this Talking Dirty 101 lesson. Get him to say yes by asking him the right questions and exploring what turns each of you on. This is a great way to spice up your relationship.

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