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I’d like to talk about a concept that is rather difficult for most men to”get”. Ironically, it’s a concept that’s rather easy to understand, but because it’s so illogical and”counter intuitive”it’s also easy to miss entirely.
It’s understanding what attracts women sexually. And what I’m about to share with you took me literally YEARS to figure out… even though it was right in front of my face the whole time.

When I first decided to get this area called”Women and Dating”handled in my own life, I did what I think most guys do… I THOUGHT a lot about it, I READ a lot about it, and I ASKED a lot about it.
I’ve spent a lot of time studying psychology and human behavior, because it fascinates me… and I figured that all of my understanding about how people worked would really give me an advantage in this quest I had started. And since I think I’m pretty smart, I figured that this would be something that I’d get figured out rather quickly.

Well, what a humbling experience I was in for. As I soon learned, it’s not easy to solve an illogical problem by thinking about it logically! In fact, now that I know better, I think that ATTRACTION is rather logical… it’s just that how it works is so UNEXPECTED that it SEEMS illogical.
But for now, let’s just use the term”illogical”because it forces the mind to put aside pre-conceived notions of what”should”happen. As I was trying to figure all this stuff out for myself (and keep in mind, I had no idea that

I would later write a book to help others) I kept running into challenges. It seemed that every logical thing I did just didn’t work in a way that made sense.
One of the biggest mistakes I made was ASSUMING THAT ATTRACTION WORKED THE SAME WAY FOR WOMEN THAT IT DOES FOR MEN. It only made sense that since men are attracted to looks and sweet personalities that women should be too… right?

So, of course, I tried to work this angle by wearing nice clothes, doing nice things for women, and being the NICEST guy you could ever meet. I was accommodating to the extreme. I would do whatever a woman wanted, and basically accept whatever flaky or manipulative behaviors she used with me.
But since none of that stuff seemed to really help at all, I just kept coming to the same conclusion: I MUST NOT BE ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH, GOOD LOOKING ENOUGH, RICH ENOUGH, OR SOMETHING ENOUGH.

I was doing everything I could imagine to be a nice, sweet, great guy… but women just didn’t seem to respond to me in a”sexually attracted”way… “It must just be me that’s the problem”I thought. Well, fortunately for me, I’m not one to quit easily.

I stuck with it, and I finally did something that had a PROFOUND impact on my personal success… I MADE FRIENDS WITH DIFFERENT GUYS WHO WERE”NATURALLY”SUCCESSFUL WITH WOMEN AND I WATCHED WHAT THEY DID.

When I think back now, I think to myself”DUH!”. But it REALLY made a huge difference. By watching different guys in different situations as they interacted with women, got phone numbers, went out on dates, and even made”physical”moves, I learned a lot.

What really fascinated me was that these different guys, who in many cases didn’t even know each other, were doing EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS in many cases. And the REALLY mind-blowing part was that the great techniques they were using were”no big deal”to them, and therefore had never been organized and taught in the”main stream”. (As a side note, last night I watched the recent movie”Roger Dodger”, which was about a 16 year old guy who needed help with the ladies… so he went to his”ladies man”uncle for help. I don’t personally agree with everything I saw in the movie, but I have to say that there was some profound stuff there).
By imitating what I learned from these new friends, and by getting their help, all of a sudden my success began to SKYROCKET. I mean big time. I went from barely being able to talk to a woman and get her number to having 3 or 4 dates a week. It was great. But there was a problem… IT STILL DIDN’T MAKE ANY DAMN SENSE TO ME!

Even though I had more”game”, and better techniques… and women were responding better to me, things still didn’t”feel”quite right. I didn’t always get the same results when I did things with women.

Now, you’ll never get 100% consistency with anything in the real world, but it was just TOO inconsistent most of the time. And even worse, women would either fall in love with me quickly or not call me back after the first few dates most of the time. I knew enough to be dangerous, but not enough to really, really understand what was going on.

Well, fast-forward to now. In the last couple of years, I’ve written a book, produced seminars at both ends of the country, released a comprehensive advanced CD/DVD program, and generally spent a lot of time teaching and refining this material.

A major benefit that this has provided me is the ability to explain things better and faster… and I’d like to give you a quick explanation of a CRITICAL aspect of female sexual attraction that, once you understand it, can literally change your life FOREVER with women.

Here’s the revelation: Men are more attracted to physical traits, and women are more attracted to personality traits. Men get sexually aroused and”turned on”instantly at the sight of a young, shapely female body. As a man, you know that this process happens instantly and”all by itself”, meaning you don’t really have a choice in the matter.
Think about that for a moment. Men become turned on by what they can see. Women become turned on by what can NEVER be seen. And even when it comes to the physical, women are still more interested in the HOW than the WHAT…

It’s not as much his body as the way a man holds it and carries it. It’s not as much his voice as the way a man uses it.

Do physical looks, money, fame, power, height, age, etc. play into this at all? Of course they do. But they’re not NEARLY as important as most men think they are. If you’re tall, handsome, rich, and famous… great. You’ll probably have an easier time attracting women.

But just watch the tabloids… this can open the door for a guy, but it doesn’t at all guarantee that the woman will stay around. There are a LOT of rich, famous, powerful men who still have no success with women. To sum up… Attraction is different for men than it is for women.

While men are attracted mostly by physical traits, women are attracted mostly by PERSONALITY traits. Women don’t decide who to feel attracted to with their logical minds. They”decide”with their emotions, and then make up reasons and rationalize it. ATTRACTION ISN’T A CHOICE!

This is why some men attract women so well, while others don’t… and why ANY man can improve his success with women DRAMATICALLY, no matter what his looks, age, or income. I want you to think about what you’ve just read, and pay attention when you’re out watching men and women interact. Start noticing those things that men are doing to attract women that are related to their PERSONALTIES and their COMMUNICATION with women. You’ll see things you’ve never seen before, and learn secrets that will improve your success with women tremendously.

Of course, if you want to skip a couple of YEARS of the learning curve, and get a detailed description of those qualities and methods of communicating that women find SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE, then I recommend that you check out my eBook, “Double Your Dating”, and sign up for my free newsletter.
In my book, I go into great detail to teach the exact, step-by-step process of communicating with women in a way that triggers their SEXUAL ATTRACTION mechanism. You’ll also learn HUNDREDS of specific techniques for approaching women, getting emails and numbers, kissing, “getting physical”, dating, and everything else that has to do with success with women.

Top 10 Dating Don’ts for Men 1. Over-guess and Shoot for”Perfect”

To impress the woman you are taking out, it’s tempting to try to custom fit your date to what you project your woman’s preferences might be. The danger here is missing the mark and placing both of you in a situation that neither prefers. The ironic problem here is that if you are aiming to fix the perfect date, there is very little chance it won’t fall short.

Instead, just try for something simple that allows you to spend time with each other and get to know the other.

2. Be Bent on Impressing

Many men view dating as a kind of bracket competition: round one being your trial that you’ve got to conquer to make it to round two. In this view, a first date becomes a kind of competition, all about making it past the woman’s”is this man worthy”filter. In reality, this view is slightly skewed, and the date turns into being something you may not be just to impress her.   Instead, you should be focusing on both being yourself for her, and figuring out if she is right for you.

She may be beautiful, but does she stimulate you enough for make it to your round two? The best way to impress your date is to be yourself. If she’s not impressed by that, move on.

3. Succumb to Your Nerves

It’s incredibly easy to become nervous about your date. In fact, it’s more often than not the case for both the man and the woman, especially if you find yourself particularly excited or interested in the other person. Nerves come from all sorts of places—doubting your restaurant choice, anxiety over clothes and first impressions, and any kind of insecurities you are afraid will shine through. Learn how to calm your nerves before a date here.

4. Subject Her to an Interview

True, dates are about getting to know another person, but if you spend your entire date grilling the girl, she is less likely to feel at ease with you. Remember, it may not be the particulars of your separate lives that will matter to each other, but a more indefinable magnetism that is best explored by just spending time together.
That said, both of you do want to learn about each other, and the basic questions are both productive and unavoidable; so, grab some tips here on questioning your date effectively.

5. Be Inflexible

You may have your own ways or pace of doing things, but every woman is different. To gauge what your woman is looking for, it’s perfectly fine to just ask. If you typically move straight into full-on dating after one good date with a woman, perhaps the one you are out with at the moment prefers to feel things out more over a few weeks. Be available, and be flexible if you want to be with her. Engaging just your own modus operandi can be a turn-off.

Above all, just remember this date is not your”try-outs.”She’s not auditioning for you; you’re both interested in each other and experimenting with the fit. Don’t just brag and pick up her expensive tab; be polite, be your charming self, and everything else will fall into place.

The Cocky and Funny Approach to Flirting

Flirting is fun so don’t take it too seriously.
Most of the time, you’ll just flirt with someone for a short time and then maybe never talk to them again. If you always go in to flirting expecting to date or even marry the person you’re flirting with, you’re going to be very disappointed–and you’ll probably seem a little desperate. Remember, you’re just flirting.

A woman will flirt with anybody in the world as long as other people are looking on. All women flirt, but some are restrained by shyness, and others by sense. Women flirt to keep their stock high, men to get somewhere. Women know what flirting is, and they react differently to flirting communication than they do to social communication. If you understand flirting, you can have conversations with the opposite sex and have them feeling attracted to you.

If you don’t get flirting and how it works, then you will either have to become famous or be absolutely loaded to be successful with girls.

Learn how to flirt well, then do this from the start in your interactions with women to start the correct tone. Think of flirting like that of playing a game.

If you start talking to a single girl and say «Hi, you’re nice. You probably have a fella, right?» in a normal tone of voice, you’re not flirting. On the other hand, if you say «Hi, I realize that you’re probably very shy due to the fact you get no attention from men… so I thought I’d come over here and pay you some attention…» it’s obvious that you’re not being serious. This is flirting.

Flirting is not simply telling a girl jokes, or trying to be «cute».

One of the concepts is «Cocky yet Funny» which is simply an excellent way of flirting and creating sexual tension with a specific kind of humour. If you know how to speak the right way, women will respond to you from the beginning with sexual interest and attraction. When you know how to incorporate flirting in a «Cocky yet Funny» way, a form of adult verbal play, then you reach into a woman’s mind, and cause her to go into a type of emotional state. One of the keys to effective flirting is to «get it». In other words, you have to actually practice so you get a «feel» for how it works.

A lot of men give up when they try a cute line or technique and a woman responds by saying «No thanks.» Instead of just continuing to practice more they take it personally and decide to throw in the towel. But once you learn how to flirt effectively and communicate in the language of adult play you will not believe how well women respond to you. Here’s one  topic to use when flirting, that of tting engaged and being in a relationship…

Her: «I work in an office, and I get paid well»

You: «Excellent. I like that in a woman. Want to get engaged? We could buy the ring now. I need a woman with money.»

Her: «OK, that sounds like a plan»

You: «Mind you… do you think you can support the both of us on your income? I really want to be looked after… you know, keep an eye on the TV etc.»

Her: «Oh, no… I would not support you.»

You: «Then the engagements off. It’s over between us.»

Her: «You can’t break up with me! I’m not even your girlfriend.»

You: «That’s all the more reason.»

Take a normal conversation topic about her job and her income and redirect the conversation in a flirtatious,

Cocky & Funny way hence creating a fun mood and sexual tension (by suggesting engagement and breaking up over her not supporting you.)

If this doesn’t make sense to you, then take that as a sign that you need to practice more. Try it with maybe a waitress, bar maid or fellow worker. When you ask for something and she says «I’m sorry, we don’t have that on the menu», just say «OK, our relationship isn’t working out… I’m going to have to break up with you.»

In fact, you can say this in just about any situation when a woman is saying something that you don’t like, and it’s funny. When you communicate like this, you’re flirting and you’re initiating a different kind of communication. And as soon as the woman you’re talking to «engages» you in this kind of dialogue, the let the games begin! There are many ways to flirt, if a woman looks at you and raises one eyebrow, look back at her and do the same… only exaggerate it.

Remember, women can tell straight away whether you’re flirting with them or not. If you are, and you’re doing it in a subtle and charming way then you’ll get amazing results.

Exploit any situation with a witty quip, be natural and say what comes into your head. How many times do you think «I wish I had said that!» or «Why didn’t I think of that when I needed to?» Relax, and use your natural charm, which will flow out with practice and confidence.

Use innuendo, which is a subtle form of naughty talk, that can be taken both ways. If your quip gets a response, raised eyebrows, just look back with doe eyes and say «What?», expressing total innocence and then break into a cheeky grin. Something like «I wish I could get my hands on a pair of those» in a situation when there is, say a pair of something innocent, like nice shoes, yet the phrase also implies you would like to fondle the girl’s breasts – see what I mean? Try it, it will work, best of luck! Best Wishes, Dateblogger

Where to Take Your Date

Picking the best place for your date depends very much on your existing relationship with the woman you are taking out as well as both of your personalities and hobbies. Here are some ideas for finding those golden locales to have a ball with your woman.


Movies are a time-tested, albeit slightly cliché, date spots. On the upside, they eliminate the akward pressure of filling silences over dinner with delightful and dynamic conversation by providing a couple hours with effortless entertainment, as well as  a readymade topic of conversation for you after the film. Consider it automatic common ground. However, if you are already comfortable with your date, a movie may actually eliminate time you would rather be talking with her and getting to know the woman. It all depends on what you are aiming to accomplish in the relationship at that moment.

Make it work —Find a happy medium by renting a movie at home and perhaps cooking dinner together. This way you can talk over the film, eat loudly, even make a move, and retain some freedom without disturbing rows of others behind you. For ideas on the best movies for a date, see here.


Perhaps another cliché date default, but picnics are an effective way of getting outdoors and spending time with both your date and your favorite food without spending money inside a dimly lit restaurant. At a picnic, no one is pushing you out to clear a table, rushing your order, mandating any kind of decision making, or flirting their way to a tip. Picnics are also a chance for you to showcase your favorite spots. For food ideas, click here.


If you’ve ever found yourself lingering apprehensively over movie listings or traipsing around indecisively for restaurants with a date, even arguing on a street corner, consider the simple yet culturally stimulating setting of a museum. Museums offer the possibility of exploring something unfamiliar to both you and your date, and exciting and accessible adventure. For more tips on pulling off a date at a museum, see here.


When in doubt, stay in your own habitat and cook up a feast. Making a meal with your date can be one of the best date experiences you could ask for. Cooking together lets you make creative decisions, experiment, challenge each other, and exercise a sense of humor when you make a mistake. For more ideas and advice on cooking for two in your own home, click here.

In the end, it matters much more how you treat the woman on the date than where you bring her, so go somewhere where you are sure to have fun, and show her the things you are into.
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Talking Dirty 101: Get Him To Say Yes to Turn Him On

Talking Dirty 101 Lesson In Spicing Up Your Relationship By Getting Him To Say Yes

Is it possible to turn a man on with a question?

Of course it is.

Asking “yes” questions is one of the simple talking dirty ideas, that you can customize to work in your relationship.
Talking Dirty 101: The “yes”question

When you’re trying to turn him on, a “yes” question is anything
that you know he’ll say yes to. The last thing you want is for him to say no, since that would break the sensual spell you’re weaving.

The best way to keep him saying “yes” is to know what he enjoys sexually. Then start describing what you’re going to do to him in vivid detail and ask him if he’d like it.

  • “I’m going to… would you like me to do that>”
  • “Then I’ll… do you want me to do that?”
  • “Then we can… you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

You fill in the words that work for your relationship and in the situation and you’ll get him to answer yes every time. Offer to kiss, nibble, touch, massage, lick, suck… or whatever else you plan on doing. Say it while looking him straight in the eyes, or whisper it softly in his ear, whatever works for you. However, don’t be a tease, only offer what you’re ready to actually follow through on.

Now you can also use this to show him what you want while still getting him excited. Ask him if he’d like to do in a

  • “yes” question.
  • “Would you like to kiss me here?”
  • “Do you want to touch me here?”

And show him where you’d like to be kissed, and no it doesn’t have to be your lips.

The reason this works so well is because it can be used both before and during sex. It can be used on the phone and even in a text. If you’re shy you can even let him tell you what he wants to do and you can repeat it back to him in a “yes” question in your sexiest voice.

This back and forth exchange will not only give a passionate start to your evening, it can also increase the intimacy between the two of you and make it easier to talk to each other about sex.
Remember many couples don’t feel comfortable talking about what they want and need sexually, this is especially true for some women. However this communication is imperative in building a healthy sexual relationship with your partner.

So the next time you want to get your man excited remember this Talking Dirty 101 lesson. Get him to say yes by asking him the right questions and exploring what turns each of you on. This is a great way to spice up your relationship.

This is one basic dirty talking tip. Talking dirty 101. Do you want to learn how to talk dirty with confidence? Dirty talking is one of the easiest ways to increase passion and desire in your relationship. However sometimes, you may not know what to say. The Dirty Talk Handbook can show you the words and phrases that will tap into your man’s deepest fantasies and desires.

Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

How to Evaluate Your Relationship Before Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

Has your relationship changed? Are you wondering what’s next? Where will this relationship go? No matter how long you’ve been together there will be a time when you’ll wonder if your relationship is ready to move to the next level.

This is not about having the “commitment” conversation. There are many “levels” to a relationship. The next level in your relationship can be anything from becoming physically intimate to introducing him to your friends, going away for the weekend together to getting engaged.

With each stage of your relationship, you need to evaluate where your relationship is and if you want to move it to the next level.

While it may seem like an easy thing to do, it’s hard to be objective when it’s your relationship.

If you’ve already fallen for him, you’ll only see what you want to see.
If you’ve just begun dating, you really know him well since he’ll be putting his best foot forward.

Also, some men deliberately attempt to hide their true colors, usually because their true intentions aren’t good.
These factors can make an honest evaluation difficult.

However to make sure taking your relationship to the next level is right for you, this evaluation is necessary.

1. Decide what the next level is for your relationship. This is pretty straight forward, after all this is why you’re evaluating where your relationship is.

2. Look at any warning signs that this relationship is not heading where you want it to be.

This is why you need to know what you want in a relationship and what type of man you want to be with. Also, you need to look for signs of abusive behavior and sudden changes in his personality. Is he the type of person you want to be with?

3. Be honest, are you happy in this relationship?

Are you happy with your life as a whole? When you’re not happy, you may be willing to put up with more from a man in order to keep that relationship going, so that you’re not alone. Do you have friends to talk to and go out with? Do you have activities you enjoy? These things are important to your relationship.

4. How does he treat you? Has his behavior changed?

Are things getting better or getting worse? Look at the time you’re together. Is he still showing interest in you? It can be tempting to move your relationship to the next level in order to get back the attention of a man, but it won’t work, at least not long-term. Sure he’ll be there for a while, but if he’s not interest and is showing this in his behavior towards you, you need to be willing to let go.

5. Are you getting your needs met and are you meeting his needs?

What do you need from him in order to make this relationship work for you? What does he need. This is something you’ll need to look at with him. As your relationship grows, you’ll need to know each others needs. As these needs are met, you’ll find your bond growing stronger.
If you think about it, you can probably answer these questions fairly quickly. The answers will usually pop in your head as you read them. Listen to your first thoughts because those are the ones that you really believe. Anything after that is you trying to rationalize and adjust the answers to fit what you want them to be.

I can’t tell you if taking your relationship to the next level is a good idea. That decision will ultimately be yours. Just remember by asking these questions you’ll be able to see if your relationship has the chance at being one of those happy and loving relationships that can stand the test of time.

Taking your relationship to the next level can be a big decision. You want to have a certain type of relationship, but know that it doesn’t always work out the way you want it. You want to Connect and Commit, and it is possible, you just need to learn the things that can take your relationship to the next level of commitment.

Speed Dating – A Good Opportunity To Meet Men

5 Tips for Super Successful Speed Dating!

Speed dating can be fun, scary, and daunting — all at the same time! The concept of people coming together as a group for a mutual purpose makes perfect sense – so why not give it a try?

Speed dating is a great way to practice casual conversation and learn how to be comfortable meeting potential dates in a structured setting. Typically Speed Dating events are facilitated so you are guided step by step throughout the evening with instructions on how the event is going to work.

Events are often set up with common threads such as a specific religion or region or educational setting or background. It is important that you share similar values so be willing to give and look for complete honesty in those you speak to.

Be open to meeting as many different types of people as possible and notice the ones that you easily and effortless connect with. Pay attention to the characteristics of the people that you feel comfortable with fairly quickly. These events bring prospects to you at much larger numbers than you could on your own so do consider speed dating as an option for meeting new people and finding a lifetime of love.

Set Your Goals for the Speed Dating Event

Set a goal to qualify at least six prospects of people you would like to know more about — rather than reviewing them as someone you would like to date or marry. And if you’ve tried speed dating before and still question its validity or possibilities, give it another try. You are in a better place now that you have some practice under your belt. At the event:

  1. Meet as many people as possible
  2. Qualify at least six prospects
  3. Have fun
  4. Be open to learning about different types of people without judgment
  5. Practice conversational skills with ease

On a piece of paper for view by your eyes only, write down the names of the people you connected with. Include their names, the things you like about them and things they said so you can reference them as conversation starters should you choose to meet them again.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to meet a new group of people. Give people a fair shot. If you like someone, make sure they know it. You never know, the next person you meet may be the love of your life – or it may be his brother — or his best friend! Be open to receiving!

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Space in a Relationship – How Much Do You Need?

Do you need space in your relationship, and if you do, how much? The answer to this question depends on you, your partner and the type of relationship you have. While there are some couples that thrive on constant companionship, there are some couples who require their own space in a relationship.

What type of relationship do you have?

While it would be nice if both partners required the same amount of space, many times you need to find a happy medium. As long as both partners are comfortable with a compromise then you can overcome the challenge of your different ideas about time spent together and needed space in a relationship.

There are people who don’t like being alone. They love spending time with people, especially those that they’re close to family, friends, co-workers and of course their partners. Being alone makes time feel lonely and a little lost.
There are also people who need to be alone. Not necessarily all of the time, but they need to have some solitude every day. Without this time alone they have a hard time relaxing, which can lead to them feeling burdened or overwhelmed. When they are with other people they feel like they need to be “up” for the people around them, which can be exhausting.

Those are the extremes.

Most of us lie in the middle. Loving to spend time alone, but also enjoying time spent with your partner. If both of you fall into this happy medium, it should be easy defining your space in a relationship. You can also have it easy if you’re both in the same extreme group. If you both need to be alone or desire lots of space, then this can make life a lot easier.

Where you would have a problem is when each of your ideas of space is different. If you require solitude, but your partner doesn’t want to be alone, you would need to set boundaries. Having a talk so that each of you understands the others need for space, will allow you to find a compromise, a happy middle ground where each of you has their relationship needs met.

This talk is essential, if you never discuss your needs then when you go off for your required solitude, your partner may feel neglected. Even though you’re not leaving because you don’t want to be with them, they may experience the pain of being rejected.

By the same token, if you want to spend all of your time with your partner, and he wants to be alone. He may feel smothered. He may think you don’t trust him, and that you have no respect for his private time. However, in truth you just don’t want to be alone.

As you can see, what can be a simple misunderstanding about each of your relationship needs can quickly cause a problem?

However, by talking about the space in a relationship and learning what works for you as a couple you can find a way to make your relationship not only work, but make it stronger.

So next time your man goes off to be by himself or hangs around you, you’ll know that it’s not a trust issue or a privacy issue, it’s just that you both require a different amount of space in a relationship.
Wishing you success in life and love,

Tips To Help You Get Out There And Get A Girlfriend

Most guys are nervous about approaching a woman. If you feel this way, you only need to understand how women think and why they act like they do. Understand them and you will have more confidence in your approach which will see you get a girlfriend sooner rather than later.

One way to do this is to be intriguing.

Do not open up your life like a book before her to read. Hold her interest by only revealing a little at a time and do not make a big show of it so you do not come off as being so keen on impressing her. Do not be too available either or you will come off as desperate. Disappear or appear to do so for a weekend or go out of town for work or business and see how she reacts.

Beware of you handle your love interest as well. Keep your hands to yourself except perhaps with a hand on her back to usher her in, a peck on the cheek to say hello and goodbye or a quick, light hug. Get too heavy too soon and she may conclude that physical intimacy is your main goal.

When she is ready to get more intimate, you will not miss the signs by what she says and how she handles you.

Go rushing in before then and you will soon be hurtled out of her door and her life. If it is a long term or serious relationship that you are after, learn to bid your time.

Also, keep your approach interesting. Think beyond coffee and dinner dates. The familiar quickly loses its appeal.

Capture her attention with interesting date ideas such as hiking a trail, cooking her dinner instead of going out, wine and cheese tasting and other interesting activities.

It may seem like speaking out of both sides of the mouth, but you should keep your distance in order to close it. This means laying off completing sometimes, like for a few days after giving her close attention consistently. See how she takes it. You will also be able to judge how keen she is about you.

Something else that you might want to try in your quest to get a girlfriend is to register onto an online dating site.

Research the best dating sites that are reputable rather than randomly join any.

Search for the best-ranked, the one with adequate members and check the terms and conditions for use. Post a good photo and a profile that is witty and funny and wait for the responses.

Find more tips and advice that will help you get a girlfriend today. You can find information about where to meet girls and what to say to generate interest quickly.

Do All Men Cheat – Sure Fire Methods To Keep Your Man Happy At Home

Worried about information that all men are cheats? Put your doubt behind. In reality there are still monogamous men out there. But sure good man as they are, they are still humans and prone to err with cheating included in that. Having said so, what are your plans to prevent your man from cheating?

Keep him Happy at Home to Prevent Cheating

This is an effective method you must believe in order to prevent cheating of males. The greener grass offered in other places more often than not would lead men to cheat.

There is no need for him to paint the fence, fix the plumbing or mow the lawn with the other woman. There is no need for him to endure a highly stressful dinner with the mother.

With the other woman it’s plain and simple. No muss, no fuss. Those are not about her thighs, her hair, or how much enhancement he has completed so far, but they sure are tempting.

Now How should you make him Happy?

You’ve got some good news here. You are familiar already with the things that our guy likes. Get him those. The following are three items that will put men in a sure fire happiness.

1) Feed him well (and often). There’s an old joke among men. “I don’t care what you call me as long as you call me for dinner.” Figure out a few of his favorite dishes even if it means you have to go to his mother for the recipes and make them for him. If you hate to cook or don’t cook well consider frozen meal kits that you can find in almost any grocery or whole food type store’s freezer section. They are easy to prepare, make, and eat.

2) Let him feel the love. In the bedroom you go and make him happy. Give him those that he likes and show him your appreciation and adoration in whatever way you can think of and for sure he’ll be rushing back home to you each and every day. If those other women cannot give him that thing that you are not already giving definitely he’ll have no reason on earth to look elsewhere. It’s that old greener grass thing. When you supply him those that he needs that other grass will pale away from him.

3) Take off as much stress in his life as possible. Put money issues under control even if it means that you’ll have to adjust a bit with your lifestyle. Your few sacrifices today are compensated by the benefits and realty of not having to worry about him cheating again. Control that nagging. They are allergic to nagging far more than they are allergic to doctors and medicines. Give him support and strong for him also. When you do this he will not likely risk the amazing relationship you have by just cheating.

Has your relationship already taken a hit over his cheating? Many relationships do in fact survive a cheating man. You can get your ex back even if he has cheated on you in the past and make it work better than ever before.
What you need is a set of step by step instructions to help you get through these rough patches.